Frequently Asked Questions

You’re a psychiatrist who does therapy?

Yes! I believe that therapy is the primary process towards meaningful and sustainable change in our lives. My focus is always on treating you as a whole person, never as a diagnosis.

As we do this work together, we may find that certain symptoms are inhibiting your ability to bring your full self to the tasks of healing. Judicious medication prescription can be an important way to ease excessive suffering, and liberate your strengths for the real work of healing to take place.

My goal is for you to have a trusted provider who can think through the best routes of treatment with you at every step of your journey. I believe in collaborative whole person-centered care and have built my practice, and each individual therapeutic relationship, around that goal.

What if I already have a therapist?

If instead you are already working with a therapist and have been considering medication, I will work in concert with you and your therapist in order to find the best treatment options that will further your work together and your personal path more generally. A therapeutic mindset and approach is central to each of my sessions, however I would seek to strengthen rather than replace an already strong relationship you’ve created with your therapist.

Do you accept insurance?

Patients have the choice to pay out of pocket, please see below for details, or to go through insurance with the following insurers:


United Healthcare

Oscar Health


How much does treatment cost?

My current rate is $200 for each individual session (45 mins video session).

Payment is due at time of service, and billed to a credit or debit card on file through the secure electronic medical record system’s HIPAA compliant billing platform.

How does online treatment work?

All virtual sessions are hosted by Psychology Today’s HIPAA compliant and private two way audiovisual format for face to face communication. It’s like zoom, skype or facetime, but meets standards for privacy and security as set by HIPAA.

After you sign-up for the patient portal on the electronic medical record system (our one-stop-shop for communication, billing and payment, and record keeping) you will receive a link from me for logging into Psychology Today at your appointed time to meet with me on your computer or phone. No downloads required.

Reach out with questions, or to obtain a full list of policies prior to our first session

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