Online Therapy & Psychiatry

Welcome! My name is Dan Coleman, and I am ready to stand by your side as we create space for positive change and growth in your life.

Your strength has gotten you this far, through every trial and challenge, to this very moment. This same strength is now allowing you to seek help for this next stage in your healing journey. We all need support and I am glad you are here seeking that support.

You may have had negative experiences in the past with providers not seeming to care, not recalling even important details of your life, or simply making you feel less than. In my practice, I intentionally limit my patient panel, so that each connection is genuine, each session builds on the last, and we create a powerful and real therapeutic relationship to find the healing you are seeking.

It’s time to find more ease and belonging in your life, to find freedom from the cycles of suffering. Together we can create a kind, gentle, yet effective treatment approach that is right for you. I’m very glad you found me, and am ready to walk alongside as you take this next courageous step into healing, change and growth.

If you live in Texas or Massachusetts, please contact me now with any questions, or to set up an initial consultation.

Please note: This practice does not not prescribe controlled substances including but not limited to stimulants (methylphenidate, amphetamines etc) and sedative hypnotics (benzodiazepines, ambien etc). If you have symptoms that you feel might be relieved by these medications, please still do consider reaching out. Your suffering is worth honoring by addressing and truly relieving its sources. Please feel free to reach out with questions.

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